Ivy Airu Zhang constructs expressive systems that captures tangibility of everyday life. Born and raised in Canton, China,
she is currently pursuing a BFA of Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI. Previously at Siegel+Gale and Brown Political Review.

Farewell Signature and Punctuation
December 2023
Publication, Editorial Design

A speculative yearbook typeset in full stops coming from four different languages. Sourced from Jennifer Billock’s “Why Do People Sign Yearbooks?”, this micro publication introduces how yearbook signatures evolve over years ever since the birth of first yearbook back in 1914 at East St. Louis High. Earlier ones are mostly hand-written, sourced from poems and scrapbooks; later they are largely replaced by acronyms inspired by text messages. Back cover with initials of everyone in the class designed with ideographic full stops.

Advised by Christopher and Kathleen Sleboda
Documented by Natasha Du