RISD GD Senior Show 2024 Identity
March 2024
Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Experience Design, Exhibition Design, Project Management

It Takes a Village…to raise a child. All of us stepped into RISD as children, ready to learn, ready to find ourselves and our practices, ready to find our callings. RISD GD became the home in which we found the guidance, care and freedom that allowed us to nurture our growth.

Our time at RISD has exceeded formal instruction or structured predictability, rooting itself instead in the subtle, emotional interplay of unseen social influences – impromptu crit from a friend, a project in the GD Commons, and late night work sessions in the Type Shop and the Print Lab. The camaraderie and community we struggled to foster as first-year students while traversing the challenges of pandemic times were all the more cherished when we stepped into the nine floors of the Design Center.

Each floor holds a memory and marks a different part of our journeys as budding designers. The windows, walls, and doors that held together our home for the past three years as we continued to shift and evolve became our playground—a space to develop our personal toolkits, to find ourselves, and to map our trajectories forward.

It Takes a Village invites you to enter our world and appreciate the integral role the community has played in our various creative processes. More than just a display of individual work, this exhibition celebrates the diverse journeys that each of us at RISD GD brings to our community in Providence, RI, and the collective experience that binds us. It is a tribute to friends, family, faculty, staff, and all the unseen supporters who have helped shape our practices.

We are excited to welcome you into our home – grab a drink, make yourselves comfortable, and witness and celebrate our growth with the community that made us.


Helen Peng, Ivy Zhang, Ollantay Avila, Muhaddisa Ali, Ryan Hsiao, Mighty Wanitprapha, Nichole Ban, Seunghyun Cho, Lily Joiner, Catleya Qian, Leslie Berumen Flores, Joyce Ho, Phoenix Gao, Wendy Hu, Kryeol Chen, Patrick Farrell, Ananya Scindia