Ivy Airu Zhang constructs expressive systems that captures tangibility of everyday life. She is a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design. Previously at Siegel+Gale and Brown Political Review.

May 2024
Dear Pink is a campaign dedicated to educating the public about the Pink Tax phenomenon and advocating for its elimination to combat market and cultural disparities.

Pink Tax is the theory that products marketed toward women cost more than nearly identical products targeted toward men.

Riforma by Lineto in use.

April 2024
Visual Identity, Art Direction
Redesigned identity for Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Ontario.

Domaine Text by Klim Type Foundry in use.

Internship at Siegel+Gale, Summer 2023
Visual Identity

MEIZU’s new brand ambition, “Seize the future with MEIZU,” invites like-minded individuals who are open-minded and bold to join MEIZU in its journey to create the next-gen integrated ecosystem. The brand proposition “Infinite Passion” highlights the essence of passion that motivates MEIZU’s continuous commitment to innovation.

By refreshing the brand logo and introducing a new color palette, MEIZU has established a revitalized brand image that effectively communicates its ambition for limitless explorations to multi-sectors.

Worked together with Xinbei Liang on experimenting with logo iterations in CG setttings/ 3D modeling scenes using one of the AI Image generating tools, Stable Diffusion.

March 2024
Creative Direction, Visual Identity, Experiential Design, Exhibition Design
Co-organized Senior Show for RISD Graphic Design Class of 2024. Worked across various teams within the show to apply the visual language throughout multiple formats and applications.

Worked as part of leadership team and co-led identity and exhibition teams at the same time.

Routed Gothic and Unica 77 in use.

Helen Peng, Ivy Zhang, Ollantay Avila, Muhaddisa Ali, Ryan Hsiao, Mighty Wanitprapha, Nichole Ban, Seunghyun Cho, Lily Joiner, Catleya Qian, Leslie Berumen Flores, Joyce Ho, Phoenix Gao, Wendy Hu, Kryeol Chen, Patrick Farrell, Ananya Scindia